The main goal of the ECHIM project (European Community Health Indicators Monitoring) is to implement reliable and comparable health indicators among European countries and hereby construct a sustainable European health information system.

General coordinator of project is National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki, Finland (THL, Helsinki).  

At European level there exist 4 associated partners of THL. They are coordinating and resolving tasks related to ECHIM:

Besides the coordinating centre project is lead also by the ECHIM Core Group, which consists of 35 Member State experts, Czech Republic has one participant here (Mgr. Jiri Holub). The Core Group facilitates liaison between EU (DG Sanco), Eurostat and WHO Regional Office for Europe.

The main stakeholder of ECHI project is European Commission, concretely DG Sanco (Directorate - General for Health and Consumers). Czech Republic is collaborating partner, which means we do not receive any eligible funding, but we are responsible for implementing at the national level.

Realization of the task is provided by Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (IHIS CR). For successful realization the National Implementation Team (NIT) was established. NIT also coordinates participation of politicians, key employees from Ministry of Health, statisticians, medical societies representatives, health insurance companies, and other health experts.