HIS CR - EHIS - European health interview survey

In 1993, 1996, 1999 and 2002 the Institute organised sample surveys on the state of health of the adult CR population by means of interview survey HIS CR. The series of these surveys was followed by European health interview survey (EHIS) realised by the Institute in 2008. The survey included in its questionnaire tool unified European modules which were taken over together with methodological recommendations from Eurostat. These modules should be implemented in other EU countries (in the years 2007 – 2010) so that the surveys will bring internationally comparable data across EU. The survey will be subsequently repeated every 5 years.

IHIS CR participated actively from the beginning in international cooperation on preparation of the unified version of the European survey and also of its Czech version. In 2005 the Institute tested the ECHIS health module in the framework of a grant provided by Eurostat; this was followed in 2006 by a pilot survey connected with translation and testing of other three modules and verifying the final questionnaire for the main survey phase in the framework of the grant project TF 2004. That was finalised at the beginning of 2007 by processing and evaluation of the results. It was continuously followed in 2007 by an Eurostat grant allocated to preparation of the main survey phase; in its framework the questionnaire and the aids for the interviewers were finalised and printed. In December 2007 the grant allocated to realisation of EHIS in the CR was approved; the survey was thus financed mainly by the grant of European Commission, but also MH CR participated by a significant contribution to the financing. In the first half of 2008 the preparation of data collection was performed (selection of respondents, recruiting and training of interviewers); the interviews were realised in June/July and in September/October 2008. Then the questionnaires and the data files were checked and in March, 2009 they were transferred to Eurostat. In 2008 the data were analysed, the analysis will be finalised in 2010 by publishing the final report summarising the results of the survey.

At the same time, preparations on the international level take place for the second wave of EHIS that will be probably performed in 2013. IHIS CR participates actively in evaluation, revision and adjustment of the questionnaires and of the methodology of data collection for the second wave.