Balneological care 2014

Balneological care

The source of information are forms on balneological patient care returned by balneal establishments. Data are related to adults, juveniles and children. They are separated for natives and foreigners and classified by type of financing. The publication contains the numbers of admitted patients and days of treatment by above groups and by diagnosis groups.

Network of health establishments 2013

Network of health establishments

The published data are taken from the Registry of Health Establishments maintained by IHIS CR. The purpose of this publication is to inform regularly on changes in the structure of the network of health establishments (including changes in numbers of physicians and beds) and on the progress of de-etatization in the Sector of Health.

Deaths 2013


The source of information presented in this publication is data from the mortality statistics administered by the Czech Statistical Office. The publication provides detailed information on deaths and mortality classified by region, age groups, sex and causes of death. The publication contains absolute and relative mortality indicators, including indicator of standardized mortality rate (computed with use of European standard), it presents also evolution trends in mortality and selected international comparison.

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Congenital anomalies in births in year 2012

Congenital anomalies in births

Publications „Congenital anomalies“ are available with data since 1965 classified by year of report on congenital malformation, diagnosed in children aged up to 1 year. The publication „Children born with congenital malformation 2002“ reflected the change of the methodology of processing. For the sake of unification of the published data with those provided by international organisations, our publications since 2004 contain data on congenital malformations in children born in the concerned years diagnosed in that or the following year, up to 1 year of the child's age. The source of information is the National Registry of reproduction health - congenital anomalies. Data in the publication are classified by place of health establishment, place of residence and age of mother, sex, kind of anomaly, gestation week and birth weight. Statistics is processed of numbers of children with congenital malformation as well as of numbers of malformations diagnosed in these children.

Mother and newborn 2013

Mother and newborn

The source of information are data from the Czech Statistical Office, data from National Registry of Reproduction Health - Mothers at Childbirth and Newborns. The publication contains information on health of mothers and newborns. It has two separate parts: Report on mother at childbirth and Report on newborn. It follows earlier separate publications "Report on mothers at childbirth in 1994–1996" and "Report on newborns in 1994–1996". It contains data from the current year and time series. If not otherwise stated, the presented data are from the National Registry of Reproduction Health.

Activity of health establishments in selected branches of health care 2013

Activity of health establishments in selected branches of curative and preventive care

The source for the compilation of this publication are the annual reports on the activities of healthcare providers. The publication contains information about the activities and staff of the selected branches of health care. Data are processed and presented by regions.

Cancer Incidence 2011

Cancer incidence

Publications are available with data since 1959. Since 1990 in Czech-English version (in 1987–1989 also English versions). The input for this publication are data of the Czech National Cancer Registry (CNCR). All neoplasms except non - malignant are registered. Data on newly reported neoplasms and on deaths from neoplasms are classified by sex, selected diagnoses, age group, territory. Ten most serious neoplasms in men and women are processed down to district level. Selected diagnoses are supplemented by 5-year survival data.

Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists 2013

Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists

Published data are taken from the „Registry of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists“. This publication provides an overview on the numbers, activity branches and structure by age and qualification of physicians, dentists and pharmacists working in the Health services, including health establishments of other central organs (Defence, Justice, Interior, Labour and Social Affairs).

The data are classified by branch of activity, sex, age groups, founder, by territory (region and district) and kind of health establishment.

In patient care 2013

In patient care

Contains survey of activity of bed care establishments in the CR and in regions. Data on bed funds, personnel capacity, numbers of hospitalised persons, on the length of stay and exploitation of maximum and actual bed capacity by types of establishment are supplemented by time series.

Infectious diseases 2013

Infectious diseases

The basis for statistical processing of data in this publication are mandatory „Reports on infectious disease“ collected by bodies of the Public Health Protection and provided to National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) through Coordination Centre for Health Information Systems (CCHIS). Data on infectious diseases are classified by diagnoses, age groups, sex, regions and month of beginning of disease.