Basic information about IHIS CR

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (further on “the Institute“) was established in 1960. The Institute is an organisational component of the State, its founder is Ministry of Health.

National Health Information System (further on “NHIS“) is defined in Act no. 372/2011Sb, On health services and conditions of their provision (Act on health services) in Section 70, paragraph 1 (the Act is valid since April. 2012).

Administration of NHIS is delegated by MH to the Institute in accordance with the basic purpose and objective of its activity that follows from the Statute of the Institute. The extent of the mandate of the Institute is defined in Section 72, paragraph 1, letters a) to d) and f) of Act no. 372/2011Sb, on health services.

In handling personal data in NHIS the Institute proceeds in accordance with Act no. 101/2000 Sb., On personal data protection, in wording of later regulations.

The Institute is a component of the State Statistical Service (on the basis of the competence act) and performs this activity according to Act no. 89/1995 Sb., On state statistical service, in wording of later regulations. It cooperates with organs of State Statistical Service, mainly with Czech Statistical Office, it secures connection between NHIS and individual health care providers and it cooperates with the operators of information systems of other organisations in and out of the health sector.

The Institute will continue to follow the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice that represents the common summary of European standards designated for statistical organs and for the whole European statistical system with the aim to secure high quality and credibility of European data. These principles concern, among other things, professional independence, confidentiality protection, reliability of the data and their precision, timeliness, punctuality, accessibility, intelligibility, clarity, comparability and consistency.

The Institute cooperates with associations of hospitals, associations of physicians, professional medical societies, health insurance companies and other organisations, particularly on precise specification of the NHIS contents and on utilisation of the collected data.

On the international level of health statistics the Institute cooperates particularly with WHO, OECD, the  UN, EUROSTAT and other organisations. The Institute is the official presenter of NHIS data for the Czech Republic.

Organization Structure


The Director´s Department

Data Collection, Checking & Processing Department

This Department contains 4 regional unit:

  • Praha (Hl. m. Praha region, Středočeský, Plzeňský, Karlovarský and Jihočeský region)
  • Brno (Region Vysočina, Jihomoravský and Zlínský region)
  • Hradec Králové (Královéhradecký, Pardubický, Liberecký and Ústecký region)
  • Ostrava (Moravskoslezský and Olomoucký region)

Department of Analyses, Publication and External collaboration

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Code of Practice

The European Statistics Code of Practice is based on 15 Principles covering the institutional environment, the statistical production processes and the output of statistics. A set of indicators of good practice for each of the Principles provides a reference for reviewing the implementation of the Code. The quality criteria for European Statistics are defined in European Statistical Law2.

Statistical authorities3, comprising the Commission (Eurostat), National Statistical Institutes and other
national authorities responsible for the development, production and dissemination of European Statistics4, together with governments, ministries and the European Council, commit themselves to adhere to the Code.

The Principles of the Code of Practice together with the general quality management principles represent a common quality framework in the European Statistical System.

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