Pathology and forensic medicine

Activity of common examination and treatment units

Náhled: Activity of common examination and treatment units

ISSN: 1803-3881
Pages: cca 58 pages
Publications are available with data since 2006.

The publication is based on processed data from annual reports on activity returned by health establishments. Contains information on activity and personnel capacity of health establishments in selected branches of complement – common examination and treatment units. Data are processed and presented by regions.

AKTUÁLNÍ INFORMACE (Topical Information)

The source of data on activity in branches of pathologic anatomy and forensic medicine are regular statistical acquisitions of reports on activity of health establishments by reports A series of MoH. In 2009 the 139 of reports were returned. The activity of these medical branches was performed by 1 683,13 professional health workers (FTE, incl. contractual workers) who proceeded 32 480 autopsies. That means 29 % of all deceased persons was performed an autopsy.