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National Register of Assisted Reproduction (NRAR)


The purpose of the register is registration of all women in whom ovarial stimulation was started or monitoring with the purpose of therapy of sterility (their own sterility or sterility of another woman in case of oocyte donation) was started by method of extracorporal fertilisation (IVF) or by related technique. Monitoring of IVF cycles secures necessary information on the method, progress, results and possible complications for the needs of professional health care workers, Ministry of Health of the CR, health insurance companies and also for international presentation of data. Information thus obtained allows evaluation f therapeutic procedures and are used for management and qualitative improvement of care for infertile couples and for realisation of state policy in the field of assisted reproduction and therapy of sterility. National register of assisted reproduction ()NRAR is a nationwide population register.


Since 2007, NRAR is operated as a web application with central database. Assisted reproduction centres insert data into the register by means of internet connection via secure https protocol. Access to the register and assignment of user roles is authorised by the administrator of the register.

Identification of cycle

  • number of record
  • assisted reproduction centre
  • control ending of cycle

Identification of woman

  • personal identification number
  • date of birth
  • citizenship in EU

Initial health data

  • woman has been pregnant before
  • primary woman identification
  • secondary woman identification
  • identification of man
  • previous effort (or possibility) for pregnancy with this partner

Course of cycle

  • date of beginning of cycle
  • intended aim of cycle
  • intended number of embrya for ET
  • stimulation of ovaria/endometium KET
  • method of sperm acquisition

Oocyte collection from ovaria

  • date of collection
  • number of oocytes found
  • number of deep-frozen oocytes
  • oocytes originating from donor
  • embya originating from donor
  • oocytes or embya from own earlier cycles (KRYO)
  • oocytes or embya originating from next own cycl

Impregnation and evolution 

  • impregnation by IVF method (report number of oocytes)
  • impregnation by ICSI method (report number of oocytes)
  • number of zygotes total
  • of that with polyploidia
  • number of deep-frozen zygotes/embrya
  • date of embryotransfer


  • hyperstimulation sy III. degrees
  • infection
  • hemorrhage


  • preimplantation diagnostics – type of biopsy
  • preimplantation diagnostics – type of examination

Summary and conclusion of cycle

  • cycle covered by
  • ZP performance codes
  • actually performed in cycle
  • date of termination of cycle

Results of cycle

  • result of hCG test 10-20 days after embryotransfer
  • date of 1st ultrasonics
  • number of fetal eggs
  • number of fetuses with heart action
  • number of extraurine nested fetal eggs
  • clinical gravidity was achieved
  • artificial reduction of multiple gravidity – date
  • artificial reduction of multiple gravidity – by how many fetuses

Result of gravidity

  • result of gravidity
  • date of termination of gravidity
  • number of fetuses birthed

Supplementary data

  • number of donated embrya
  • termination of zygote/embrya storage – date
  • termination of zygote/embrya storage – number


Statistical unit is therapy or monitoring of a woman with the aim of artificial impregnation.