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National Register of Injuries (NRU)


The purpose of detection of requested data is registration of data concerning injuries treated in connection with hospitalisation, data connected with the health status of the patient in relation to the injury and its diagnostics and therapy, the circumstances of the injury, its causes, detailed description of the place and time of the injury, the speed of intervention of emergency service, data on primary transport, detailed record of care provided on emergency admission and subsequent health service provision, and data need for identification of the providers of in-patient health care to the hospitalised patient.

Data assembled in National Register of Injuries will be used for achieving higher quality of health services in cases of injuries and of their better results, determination of optimum efficient therapeutic procedures and for identification of risks of occurrence of individual kinds of injury, and finally for determination of preventive measures, i.e. measures leading to their prevention. Every injury will be recorded individually from the viewpoint of causes of its occurrence and evolution, character of impairment, procedures of therapy, results of therapy and any complications, possibly in relation to other health problems of the patient. Only serious injuries are registered, such that required hospitalisation of the patient.

The monitored data will correspond with standards formulates in the framework of European Union and will satisfy the requirements of compatibility. The reason is the need of exchange of appropriate data between individual countries. European Union has at its disposal already longtime historical data on monitoring of injuries in surgical clinics. An EU database of injuries was created including a system of their recording ((IDB). This system serves for standardisation of monitoring of injuries and accidents in European Union and it is at the same time the basis for comparison of situations in individual member countries.


Ministry of Health will establish National Register of Injuries within 24 months from the day of entry into force of Act no. 372/2011 Coll. on health services (section 127, par. 1, letter b).


The statistical unit will be every patient hospitalised for injury.