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National Register of Occupational Diseases (NRNP)


The purpose of detection of requested data is obtaining information on occupational diseases as reference data for determination of national health policy, for analysis of problems in the field of health protection at work, for scientific research, for education in the field and for international comparison. In the framework of international cooperation, information on occupational diseases and risks of occupational disease registered in the CR is transmitted to the system European Occupational Diseases Statistics (further EODS) of the Statistical Office of European Union (further  also EUROSTAT), further to WHO and ILO.

NRNP monitors the evolution of the prevalence and structure of occupational diseases and risks of occupational disease, including date of termination of these diseases.

NRNP is the continuous sequel of the long time statistical monitoring since 1973 by means of mandatory notifications. Since its establishment in 1991 the register was maintained by Centre of occupational medicine of the State Institute of public health in Prague as Central register of occupational diseases. By Act no. 156/2004 Coll. it was included under its present name into the 13 health registers that constitute National Health Information System (NHIS). In connection with joining EU, NRNP was already in 2003 connected to the statistical system EODS (European Occupational Diseases Statistics) of EUROSTAT.


1. Data on patient

  • number of report
  • personal identification number (not available to IHIS CR)
  • health insurance number
  • district of residence of patient and citizenship in EU
  • name of  profession (occupation) performed when disease originated

2. Data on place of work and exposition

  • ID number of employer (IČO)
  • name of employer
  • address of seat of employer
  • place of performed work
  • CZ-NACE (Classification of economic activity)
  • CZ-ISCO (Classification of occupations)
  • category of work from the viewpoint of risk factor decisive for origin of reported disease
  • level of risk factor decisive for origin of reported disease – in case that category of this factor was not yet formally defined
  • noxa that caused the reported disease (risk factor)
  • code of source of exposure
  • length of exposure to adverse influence (days, months, years)

3. Data on disease

  • diagnoses 1 - 3 (verbally), codes of International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems in wording of the 10th revision (ICD-10)
  • occupational disease
  • chapter of List of occupational diseases
  • item of List of occupational diseases
  • letter
  • risk of occupational disease
  • date (detection, notification and, if applicable, withdrawal of notification and death)


A statistical unit is every detected newly arising and recognised occupational disease of persons having employment contract with an employer on the territory of the Czech Republic. Cases of occupational disease are registered according to registration codes of the List of occupational diseases. Updated List of registration codes is available in the publication issued since 2009 by State Institute of public health.