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Register of tuberculosis (RTBC)


The purpose of investigation is to secure surveillance of TB in the CR and preparation of programmes of control of TB incidence.

The register monitors all persons in whom active tuberculosis or other mycobacteriosis was detected on the CR territory and persons followed-up in groups of active or inactive tuberculosis or other mycobacteriosis.

In the Czech Republic, since the 1950s all physicians are obliged to report as infected all persons in whom a new case or relapse of any form of tuberculosis is diagnosed. Data on all notified TB cases are monitored in the central register. The TB Register replaces local processing of parts dealing with aggregation of data from statistical forms and thus helps in creation and maintenance of high quality topical database protected against misusing of personal data, in the field of TB incidence in the framework of the CR.

 Since 2003, RTBC is a component of the information system of organs of public health protection and operated as a web application with central database. Regional public health stations insert data to the register by means of internet connection via secure https protocol. Access to the register and assignment of user roles is authorised by the administrator of the register.

An inseparable component of RTBC is now the database if the Information system of bacillary tuberculosis (ISBT). ISBT is a system of notification of positive results of mycobacteriological examinations. Every laboratory performing detection of TB is obliged to report positive findings. Connectivity of RTBC and ISBT contributes to control of completeness and validity of data on TB. At present the ISBT is operated by the National TB Surveillance Unit in the Faculty Hospital Na Bulovce.

Register of TB secures:

  • regular monthly collection of data on notified TB patients after validation by regional consultants of Surveillance over TB
  • semi-annual output files reports on epidemiological situation of TB and on TB control measures that are analysed by the National TB Surveillance Unit
  • if necessary and on request, processing of additional reports for analysis of epidemiological situation.


A statistical unit is every detected case of active tuberculosis or other mycobacteriosis and every microbiologically positive laboratory finding.