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Register of venereal diseases (RPN)


The purpose of investigation is to obtain information on selected venereal diseases for assessment of the evolution of the epidemiological situation on the CR territory, for monitoring of the health status of the population and for management of provision of health care. The results are transmitted to World Health Organization and to OECD.

RPN is a continuous sequel of the longtime statistical monitoring in IHIS CR (since 1959). Since 2003, RPN is operated as a web application with central database. Regional public health stations insert data to the register by means of internet connection via secure https protocol. Access to the register and assignment of user roles is authorised by the administrator of the register.

The internet component of RPN is founded by Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and constitutes a component of the Information System of Public Health Service. Public Health Service is responsible for protection of public health and contributes to execution of Act no. 258/2000 Coll. on protection of public health and of Regulation of Ministry of Health no. 195/2005 Coll. on prevention of origin and apread of infectious diseases and on hygienic demands on operation of health establishments and institutions for social care.


Statistical units are all reported cases of venereal disease subject to notification, including relapses. The register includes all epidemiological notifications of venereal disease, on deaths with venereal disease, on suspected venereal disease and on identified sources of infection of venereal disease including cases detected in foreigners.

The following venereal disease are subject to mandatory notification:

Congenital syphilis (A50), early syphilis (A51), late syphilis (A52), other and unspecified syphilis (A53), gonococcal infection (A54), Chlamydial lymphogranuloma venereum (A55), chancroid-ulcus molle (A57).