Other registers

Other registers administered by IHIS CR

  • National Register of Healthcare Providers
  • National Register of Health Professionals
  • National Register of Reimbursed Health Services
  • Death Certificate System
  • Adverse Event Reporting System
  • National Register of Persons Disagreeing with Post-mortem Removal of Tissues and Organs
  • Registers of the Coordination Centre for Transplantations
  • Register of Medical Devices
  • Information System of the Czech Health Research Council

Information systems of institutions protecting public health

  • Information System of Infectious Diseases
  • Register of Venereal Diseases
  • Register of Tuberculosis

Information systems from data files of CZSO

  • Information System Deaths (IS ZEM)
  • Information System Newborns (IS NAR)
  • Information System of Population Balance

Information system from data files of CASS

Information System Incapacity for Work (IS PN)