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Economic information on health care

ISSN: 1211-6467
Pages: cca 130 pages
Publications are available with data since 1995. Since 1999 in Czech-English version.

A digest of available economic information from the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the CR and further from Ministry of Health, the State Institute for Drug Control in Prague, Czech Statistical Office and General Health Insurance Company of the CR. The publication contains information on total expenses on health services (public and private expenses), on drug consumption, the structure of costs and returns of health insurance companies, on the network of health establishments, on assets, costs and returns of health establishments, on the evolution of average salaries in health services, on economic data concerning private enterprises in health care (physician's offices) and pharmacies, on evolution of prices in health care, data on health services from the statistics of national accounts and international comparison on the basis of Eurostat, OECD and WHO statistics.

Health statistics