European Health Interview Survey in CR - EHIS CR (Use of illegal drugs)

Region: ČR
Year: 2010
Číslo: 55/10
Analysis processes data from EHIS survey with respect of identification drug users among the respondents. According to the survey there were about 15 % of persons who ever used drug in the population aged 15 and more. During the last 12 months prior the interview the drug was used by 13 % of men and almost 9 % of women under 35 years. Men used drugs more often than women, the drug users are mainly the young people. The most frequent drug consumed was marihuana, ecstasy and magic mushrooms. If compared to previous surveys, the prevalence of drug users in 2008 significantly increased. If compared to other data sources (e.g. the Survey on drugs performed by the National Monitoring Centre), the percentage of drug users according to the EHIS survey is significantly underestimated and the real prevalence of drug users in the population is higher. About 28 % of respondents know somebody, who uses drugs.