Economical results of hospitals in the Czech Republic as of 31. 12. 2010

Region: ČR
Year: 2011
Číslo: 20/11

This Topical Information gives an overview of the costs, returns, economic outcome, claims and obligations of hospitals from trade relations as of 31. 12. 2010. The followed-up parameters of hospitals are presented both comprehensively for all hospitals and separately for hospitals by type of founder.

The total costs of hospitals reached 126.8 thousand mill. CZK by of 31. 12. 2010, total returns were 127.0 thousand mill. CZK. Hospitals had claims from trade relations amounting to 12.1 thousand mill. CZK as of 31.12.2010, out of that 1.5 thousand mill. CZK after due date. The volume of obligations from trade relations amounted to 16.2 thousand mill. CZK, out of that 3.5 thousand mill. CZK after due date.