An analysis of workers in health care services in the Czech Republic in 2010

Region: ČR
Year: 2011
Číslo: 52/11

This report presents a statistical analysis of data on the number and structure of workers regarding the health care services in the Czech Republic at the end of 2010. It consists of breakdown by types of health care establishments, sectors, regions, employment relationship, professions and gender of workers. There were more than 248 thous. workers (full-time equivalents) of whom almost 7 thous. contract workers (2.7 %) in Czech health care services as of 31 December 2010. Hospitals employed almost half of all workers (123 thous. FTE’s) and were the biggest health care industry in the Czech Republic. In total of publicly managed establishments, they employed 58 % of all workers. However, the sector relationship was closely linked to the health care industry. Professional health personnel constituted 82 % (203 thous. FTE’s) of all workers in health care services, physicians 16 % (39 thous. FTE’s) and general nurses and midwives 34 % (84 thous. FTE’s). Women accounted for 79 % of all workers and the majority of men were present only in some technical branches. Slightly over half of the women were physicians and more than 98 % worked as general nurses and midwives worked in health care services. There were huge regional differences in health care industries and related structure of workers in the Czech Republic. Prague holds an exceptional position concerning the number of workers per 10 000 inhabitants as the figures were considerably higher and figures in the Středočeský region (surrounding Prague) notably lower than in other regions; and a very specific position holds the Karlovarský region due to specialization on spa treatment.