Development of costs of health insurance corporations to treatment alkohol and non-alcohol drug users in 2007–2010

Region: ČR
Year: 2012
Číslo: 44/12

The treatment of users of alcohol and non-alcohol drugs (dg. F10–F19) accounted to 0.8 % of total costs of health insurance companies and more than one fifth of costs spend on treatment of mental disorders (dg. F00–F99) in 2007–2010. Costs related to treatment of non-alcohol drug users (dg. F11–F19) increased, whereas costs related to treatment of alcoholics (dg. F10) slightly decreased in 2010. The largest proportion of costs of treatment of both groups was represented by inpatient care (62 %), outpatient care accounted for 8 %, and medicines for nearly one fifth.