Incapacity for Work Due to Disease or Injury in the Czech Republic 2012

Region: ČR
Year: 2013
Číslo: 34/13

(Data source: Czech Statistical Office)
This Topical Information presents an overview of basic indicators of incapacity for work for disease or injury (IFW), provided by Czech Statistical Office processing the data from Information system of Czech Social Security Administration starting in 2012. Until 2011 the data were obtained from the State statistics form Nem-Ur-1-02, it’s agency was stopped. Data are taken from Czech Statistical Office.

Overall was newly reported 27.44 cases of IFW per 100 sickness insured persons, from that 87.0 % for disease, 9.4 % for other injury and 3.6 % for occupational injury. The average length of one case of incapacity for work reached 46.05 days.