Gynaecologic care - Activity in Branch in the Moravskoslezsky Region in 2013

Region: Moravian Silesian Region
Year: 2014
Číslo: 05/14/19

Information on health care activity in the branch of gynaecology in the Moravskoslezsky region in 2013 contains data about out-patient care, gynaecological activity and about patients followed up for selected diagnoses. It is supplemented by basic indicators on in-patient care in hospital gynaecology departments. The total number of examinations slightly increased about 0.8 % against the previous year. The average number of registered patients per 1 physician gynaecologists was 3 134. Over one half of women, exactly 52 %, aged 15 to 49 years used hormonal or IUD contraception. In 2013 there were 10 952 deliveries and 19 152 gynaecological surgeries recorded in the region.