Activity in the field of diabetology, care for diabetics in 2013

Region: ČR
Year: 2015
Číslo: 02/15/19

This Topical information presents the numbers of diabetologist's consultation rooms, numbers of health personnel involved, numbers of treatments-examinations and numbers of treated patients. The number of patients treated for diabetes in 2013 was nearly 862 thousand. The prevalence was about 20 thousand higher than last year. The number of treated diabetics increases in long-term trend as well as the number of chronic complications. The number of registered chronic complications of diabetes was more than 251 thousand in 2013. The number of patients treated only with diet decreased from 120 thousand in 2012 to 107 thousand.

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus; Glucose Intolerance; Diabetes Complications; Diabetic Angiopathies; Health Facilities; Physicians