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Comparison of Selected Health Indicators in EU and CR

ISBN: 80-7280-314-X
Pages: 64 pages
Published in 2004.

The publication compares selected indicators concerning mostly the state of health in the CR and in 15 EU countries (members before May 2004). The source of data were the Eurostat publications "Health in Europe" and "Key Data on Health".

European Health Interview Survey in the Czech Republic EHIS

Pages: ca. 273 pages
Published in 2008, 2003, 2001

This publication presents results of European Health Information Survey, which was carried out in the Czech Republic in 2008 on the Sample of 1955 respondents aged 15+. The results come from processing of data at the national level. In addition to concrete data (absolute as well as relative ones) in different breakdowns the publication contains the detailed analytical texts. The sample survey observed information on different topics: health state, use of health care, health determinants, all related to socio-demographic characteristics.

Evolution of health care in the Czech Republic after the year 1989

ISBN: 978-80-7280-900-4
Pages: 53 pages
Published in 2010.

The publication issued to the 50th anniversary of activity of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the CR describes the evolution of Czech health care after the year 1989 from the viewpoint of health statistics. The introductory chapter is devoted to brief history of the Institute. The following chapters describe the evolution of the demographic situation and of the health sta-tus, the development of health services and the economy of health services. The publication is concluded by an overview of international cooperation of the Institute in the field of health statis-tics.

GDPR in healthcare system

Sample Survey of the Health Status and Live Style of the Population in the Czech Republic Focused on Drug Abuse

ISBN: 80-7280-636-X
Pages: 84 pages
Published in 2006.

The publication presents the results of the questionnaire survey from the year 2004 named Sample Survey of the Health Status and Life Style of the Population of the Czech Republic focused on drug abuse. The survey was performed by IHIS CR in collaboration with INRES - SONES association on a sample of 3 526 respondents aged 18 - 64 years. The survey was realised on the basis of the European model questionnaire EMCDDA that was adjusted and supplemented according to comments of the NMS workgroup. Questions concerned socially pathological phenomena, i.e., negative effects in life style like illegal drug abuse, alcohol drinking and smoking, but also the overall health that includes both physical and mental condition. The results are presented in text form supplemented by tables and charts.

Trends in evolution of health data in the SR and the CR

ISBN: 80-7280-635-1
Pages: 140 pages
Published in 2006.

The publication presents in four chapters a comparison of the evolution of health service systems and of the health status of populations of the Czech and Slovak Republics after split-up of former Czechoslovakia. Chapter 1 compares demographic evolutions, Chapter 2 monitors selected indicators of health status (incidence of infectious diseases, malignant neoplasms, hospitalisation, incapacity for work). Chapter 3 deals with the networks of health facilities and Chapter 4 with manpower in health services. Where possible, the indicators also show the positions of the two republics in context of the 25 EU countries.

Women and Men in the Figures of Health Statistics

ISBN: 80-7280-262-3
Pages: 64 pages
Published in 2002

The publication is a contribution to the gender aspects of the health state of the population and to the Long-Term Programme of improvement of health of the population of the CR, particularly to diminishing the differences between population groups. Data are taken from routine statistics and from population sample surveys that provide information on characteristics of the life style which in its turn affects the state of health. The summarizing text is supplemented by many graphs and detailed tables giving evidence of the differences between women and men in the selected indicators.

World Health Survey in the Czech Republic

ISBN: 80-7280-419-7
Pages: 95 pages
Published in 2004.

This publication presents results from the Czech Republic in the interview sample survey of adult population organized by the World Health Organization called World Health Survey. It is thematically focused on descriptions of health and its risk factors (life style and environment), on assessment of needs, access to and utilization of health care, on overall evaluation of the healthcare system and its responsiveness, on health care financing, on perception of health system goals, and also on individual and social life conditions related to health.