Sample Survey of the Health Status and Live Style of the Population in the Czech Republic Focused on Drug Abuse

Region: ČR
Year: 2004
ISBN: 80-7280-636-X

The publication presents the results of the questionnaire survey from the year 2004 named Sample Survey of the Health Status and Life Style of the Population of the Czech Republic focused on drug abuse. The survey was performed by IHIS CR in collaboration with INRES - SONES association on a sample of 3 526 respondents aged 18 - 64 years. The survey was realised on the basis of the European model questionnaire EMCDDA that was adjusted and supplemented according to comments of the NMS workgroup. Questions concerned socially pathological phenomena, i.e., negative effects in life style like illegal drug abuse, alcohol drinking and smoking, but also the overall health that includes both physical and mental condition. The results are presented in text form supplemented by tables and charts