WHO-FIC Standards and their implementation in Europe – experience, strategies, approaches and lessons learned

As a part of international conference KlasifiKon 2022, organised by the National Centre for Medical Classifications and Terminologies, the teleconference seminar about the implementation of International Classification of Diseases, 11th revision (ICD-11) was held. on 13 October 2022. 

The aim of the seminar was to distribute useful information about ICD-11 from central institutions to European countries, to map the current state of ICD-11 implementations and planned activities in European countries and to discuss possible next steps leading to better harmonisation and sharing of implementation activities.

This seminar was combination of on-site and remote presentations made by several countries / institutions, followed by fruitful discussion.

Several presentations were given by following speakers during the seminar:

  • Introduction to ICD-11 Implementation, most remarkable moments so far and where to find answers (presentation)
    Robert Jakob, WHO HQ Team Classifications and Terminologies
  • Introduction of WHO Euro activities related to ICD-11 (presentation, video)
    Karapet Davtyan, WHO Euro, The WHO Regional Office for Europe,
  • EU experience related to ICD-11 (presentation, video)
    Izabela Ammermann, European Commission, Eurostat
  • Experience with ICD-11 implementation in selected countries 
  • Discussion and conclusion

29. 11. 2022